Half wheat/half rye flour For the Basic Hearth Bread
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I want to try the basic hearth bread, using rue instead of whole wheat
(It colud also be both).  In this moment, the only rye flour that can be
found ina “normal” supermarket is 50% each wheat and rye.
If I use the same weight of wheat only flour and the combined one,
about a 30% of the total flour would be rye.
How is it going to affect the bread, in terms of rising and flavor?
Thanks in advance, Silvia

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That’s an interesting flour, your grocery sounds well-stocked.

Rye flour ferments faster and forms less gluten structure than wheat flour, plus it has pentosans, which do their own unique thing, making the dough less extensible.  I have read that 30% Rye is about the maximum that you can put in a bread without changing structure and texture pretty drastically.

Your loaf may ferment a little faster than the times suggested in the recipe, so watch it carefully.  And be gentle in shaping, don’t try to stretch the dough too much.  Expect the crumb to be more dense than with the all-wheat version.  That loaf is made with bread flour, so you should be able to get by on structure with the higher protein level.

In terms of flavor, well, it will taste more like rye.  Sorry, I don’t know how to describe the flavor of rye other than to say that.  I think I’m in the minority with my take on rye, but I always like it better with a source of sugar, like raisins or caramelized onions or just a little added sugar.  I do that for anything over about 5% rye.

Please report back on how you liked the loaf and if you had any issues smile

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Julie, thanks for your reply and the information.
For my last Hearth Bread, I used only all- purpose (bleached)
flour, because that’s the only flour that i can easily get.
As always, the results were very good, but I followed RoseĀ“s
advice, and added 1/3 more flour to compensate for the
lower protein content.
I plan to do it again, and hope that product will be as good as
always, with the extra flour.


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