Marble cake in 8” and 6” pans
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Hello!  I’m working on a 2 tiered marble birthday cake.  Last night I tried using the Marble cake recipe from RHC in 8” and 6” round pans, but the cakes turned out very dry.  I’m assuming they were overbaked as the specified time was for a 12-cup bundt pan.  I’d like to try making them again tonight.  Any suggestions for how I can adapt the Marble cake recipe/bake time to accommodate the 8” and 6” pans?


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Kac1014 - 20 September 2013 09:36 AM

I’m assuming they were overbaked as the specified time was for a 12-cup bundt pan.

You really should never bake for a specified time, you should bake until they’re done. If the pans you’re using are 2 inches tall, then, sure, you need less of a baking time and probably a slightly higher bake temp, not to exceed 350 (the temp for Bundt pans is often 325).

You might be able to rescue the cakes you made with syrup.



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I never go by the baking time a recipe says, esp if I am using a different size of pan.  I would check like after 35 mins then just add more minutes if needed. 6 and 8 inch pans are tiny and would not probably require more than 40-45 mins baking time. And I always bake cakes at 325. 350 to me is too hot with small pans. Good luck. I’m sure it will work w/ some adjustments. Let us know.

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