chocolate feather cake query
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i have a question to the community, and mrs. b if she lurks the discussions….

the recipe for the chocolate feather cake on page 273 of rose’s heavenly cakes calls for a pair of 17X12X1 sheet pans… my question is, if use the same amount of batter in 9X3 pans how many pans would i need and how much batter per pan… also, if y’all think i should scale it down, by all means please tell me… i’d really rather avoid a “leaning tower of cake” situation (not that my mom would mind, mind you, as this cake is for her)

i am aware that i won’t be able to cut this cake into layers like i would a normal one, which is the basis for my question (that and i don’t have two sheet pans like the recipe calls for)

also, thank you mrs. b for including the metrics for the ingredients, this makes my life much easier cool smile

will post photo of final results… provided i don’t screw it up too badly ^_^;

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I made this cake once and do not recall which pan I used because I do not have the one called for.  I did cut the recipe in half….so scaling should not be an issue. 


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