sweetening up lacquer glaze
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So i have question regarding the lacquer glaze. i have used this glaze two times in the past. And although it looks wonderful ,especially against a light buttercream , im not a big fan of the flavour in terms of sweetness. Must be my palate but it always ends up tasting bitter ! I use valrhona cocoa powder, could that be a problem? Is there any way i could sweeten it up further without affecting the consistency ?  Much thanks in advance for all your help!! =)

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I do think Valrhona cocoa could be part of it.  You can either switch to a milder, less bitter cocoa and/or try adding some sugar.  As long as you add the sugar to a hot liquid (like the cream or water in the recipe) so it can dissolve completely, I think it would probably be fine.  I haven’t tried making that glaze with extra sugar, but I’ve made ganache loads of times with a high % chocolate and then dissolved extra sugar in the hot cream before adding it to the chocolate.  Works like a charm.

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