Vanilla Cut Out with Bun Icing
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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find a recipe for a smiley face cookie that I grew up loving from the local bakery. I can’t go to the bakery anymore because I live across the country now! I did call and they said it was a very old fashion recipe it - was either a vanilla roll out or vanilla cut out (it was a little difficult to understand her).  It is topped with a “bun icing.”

From looking around the forum I believe the bun icing is the glacĂ© icing.  I do not know what kind of frosting they used to make the actual face on the cookie either - it was softer and more sugary than the glacĂ© icing. I have attached a picture. Any insight would be much appreciated!!! Thank you so much smile

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Probably any sugar cookie recipe would do, at least one that was designed for rolling out. Any dough that’s intended to be rolled is intended to be cut, so it doesn’t matter much which word your source used. grin The bun icing sounds just like the powdered sugar/milk mix used on cinnamon rolls, colored appropriately. As for the face, perhaps the glaze with a different color would work; or they sell colored gels. Not sure it matters much, but I rarely pipe, so maybe someone else will give you different advice on that.


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