Market Research For High End Christmas Cakes
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Hope you don’t mind me posting here. This is for some market research for an economics project at school.
We would be looking at designing high end Christmas cakes. We would offer both set designs, and the option to do a custom ‘you decide what you want’ job.
I have a few questions which I would appreciate you answering.
Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, do you believe there are spaces in the market for this or is it already over saturated?

What kind of set designs would you be looking for? What is most important for the design for you-icing, decoration, shape etc.?

How much would you pay for 1.5kg of custom made to your specifications, high quality Christmas cake?

Would you still prefer to bake your own Christmas cake over us making it for you?

Would postage make placing an order with us more desirable?

Would you like it attractively packaged-like in a wooden box- for a bit extra?

What age range are you?

Are you the kind of person that would attend markets and fairs?

Finally, are there any other factors you would say would make the cake more desirable?

Thank you in advance.

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In the US,  I am not sure the market for Christmas cakes is the same as it is in the UK.  There are a few mail-order vendors who provide specialty products through their catalogue (Williams-Sonoma is a good example with a variety of sweet and savoury gift options) and they start finalizing their holiday catalogues during the summer months (!)  There are other vendors who specialize in a specific type of offering - the Corsicana fruit cakes from Texas, the nuts from Sunnyland Farms, pears from Harry and David, etc so there’s a lot of competition for holiday food gifts that might steal some thunder from a dessert option.

Were you doing your research on a specific geographic area or demographic?


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I myself have never ever bought cake in the mail only because I am very impatient. I do not like to wait. But if I will I would go to:  and

What I would want on it would be Marzipan and a lot of chocolate, and it has to have a lot of Christmas decor.  Are you talking Buche de noel ? Or fruit cake ? I love both of these cakes. I am over 18

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I am more likely to buy fancy chocolates at Christmas and have always made or family has made our other desserts.


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