White Cupcake Recipe
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Can someone share a good white cupcake recipe that is moist and delicious. I used the White Velvet recipe in the past; but it is too tender. I want to core the cupcakes and infuse white chocolate ganache in the center. White Velvet tends to crumble easily and will hate to compromise the integrity and shape of the cupcake. I also want to know if there is a recipe that will use vegetable oil instead. The reason being is I am making 60 cupcakes for a wedding and I want the cupcakes to retain its moistness and texture. Butter based one tend to dry up. I appreciate any tips and recipes. Thanks.

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Canadian Living Buttermilk White Cake - it is a winner!! I have even used Soy and/or Almond Milks for it as we have milk allergy in the family (just don’t add your souring agent to these - it turns to cottage cheese! Eww! Add separately) and I’ve also altered the recipe to be “Orange Flavoured” with rind and OJ concentrate. (So much better than that disgusting mix! Ugh!) I use A/P flour as stated in the recipe - it is much better for cupcakes. I do a one-bowl chocolate cake which has half oil - and it turns out very good. You might be able to use half oil in this cake too. I see your post is from awhile back. Let us know what you did and how they worked!

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