Hello All and a brag
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Hello All.

I’m a big fan of the Cake Bible.  In fact, it’s falling apart, so I need a new one.  I just found out about Rose’s new book, bought it, and am making the almond chiffon cake for a party this weekend.  Coffee butter cream on top (neoclassic, but since I keep kosher, I used margarin since it’s a meat meal), with our family’s chocolate sauce on top.  It was my cousin’s birthday last week, so she’s getting another cake!

Last year for Passover, I had to make a dessert that was 1)wheat free, and 2) dairy free.  I ended up making a chocolate torte that was flourless to begin with, so there wasn’t much to do.  But I also fooled around with a cookie recipe, and came up with the attached.  First, I made a classic tuile recipe (it was before Passover) and then I used almond flour and toasted almonds.  I had to use margarine because one of the guests could have no dairy at all.  It’s a cross between a lace cookie and tuile.  The nuts get toasted during the cooking process, so there is a great toasted flavor to the cookies.  Using margarine does effect the taste and melting of the batter, but letting the cookies mature for a day helped.

Anyway, when I bought the Cake Bible, there was no such thing as websites and message boards.  How great to find this one!


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Hi Hadster.  Your Almond Chiffon Cake sounds great. Unfortunately there is no attachment. Either you forgot to upload it (as I always do) or the image exceeded dimensions regulated by the forum’s software.

If you need any help, just holler.

Glad you found us!

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