cake combinations for the praline silk meringue
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Hello there. I usually make chocolate praline buttercream and it never occurred to me to try the praline version alone. Well i did now and it blew my mind! Reminded me of the filling of this pastry called paris brest that i had from a cafe nearby. =) they paired it with a small dollop of ganache and it was sooooo good !
I want to fill the cake with 2 layers of praline buttercream and a crispy feuilletine layer. And frost with ganache. Just can’t decide on a cake that can do justice to this buttercream. i love it far too much to pair it with something sub par. hehe. trying to stay away from chocolate. Is there any other suggestion anybody can throw my way? A hazelnut cake perhaps? or a caramel cake?

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Well, it’s not hazelnut, though you could sprinkle frangelico on it to give it a hazelnut nuance- how about the Golden Genoise?  It’s an all-yolk genoise with brown butter, very yummy.

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