Help w Packaging: To keep ‘em cookies crisp.
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I am to bake a few batches of cookies for my friend who’s leaving for France next week but i’m really stuck now as to how i should package the cookies. I want the cookies crispy. So if i were to store the cookies in cardboard boxes, would they still remain fresh and crispy for at least a few weeks? If yes, do i wrap the cookies in wax paper first? Or should i stick to metal tins- they’re really beautiful albeit pricier. I really can’t find many nice packaging. Help please! I’m so confused. :(

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Hey BurnScarlet,
I think I’ve read somewhere that crisp cookies should be kept in metal/glass containers, not plastic, for them to keep their crispness.
What kind of cookies are you making? Some are better at keeping their crispness on their own.



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