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I am so happy of the number of friends who have liked my artistic cake designs:

Geordy George (Cochin, India):

“Heartful congrats for bringing out such a wonderful book.

I can definitely tell you that your Ginger cakes are really world class as an edible piece and an artwork. I appreciate the pain and patience behind each such wonders.”

Satish Abraham (Kottayam, India)

“Hello Annikki and thanks for the information on your book and congrats.

You have done a fantastic job in bringing out this work of art through cakes and using your imagination to the maximum.

I am circulating your email to all my circles.”

Ranjeet Jacob (Chennai, India):

“Really impressed about your Edible Art book.”

Anuja Saxena (Gurgaon, India)

Toooooo good….. smile

Aditya Sondhi (Bangalore, India):


Abinash Mahala (Tampere, Finland):

“Its really a great work and especially I liked that pond cakes, it looks so lively smile

I just bought an e-book from scribd.com for my personal learning smile Am sure many of our O-Indians would buy it for their learning and help in spreading the news, so that we can see many more creative works from you in the future!!”

Mani Bhowmik (Oulu, Finland):

“You have all our support. I have seen few live demonstration of your art. May be it is time to have a bigger audience. A live demonstration would be nice.”

Aruna Somani (Oulu, Finland):


Ashwini Chitrapurisha (Oulu, Finland)


Thank you.

The appreciation has made my day in not only the creations that I have made but also the time and trouble in compiling the eBook and the paperback!

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