Creme ivoire
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I made the regular Creme ivoire receive, but I’m having problems with consistency.  After the frosting set up overnight it was rock hard.  I though that I didn’t add enough mineral so I added some more.  I still had the same issue.  It’s thicker than a ganache after it has set up.  I was never able to whip into stiff peaks even at room temp.  What I am I missing?  Is it supposed to be really dense after it sets up?  Thanks!

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The creme ivoire needs to be spread on the cake in the window between when it first gets thick enough to spread and before it sets hard.  It ends up being a little firm, like a truffle coating with the soft cake underneath.  If you chill it and it sets up hard, you can try remelting and then have everything ready to go for when it cools and gets the right consistency. 

It does not really whip, if you are looking for a whipped white chocolate frosting, go for the cream cheese, or the white chocolate mousseline, or the white ganache, which is basically whipped cream stabilized with white chocolate.

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