Oven thermometers - the Omega HH-22
Posted: 07 December 2013 10:24 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I’ve had it with oven thermometers that have an accuracy rating of 25 degrees.  I mean, honestly, 25 degrees?

I have Rose’s new book, Heavenly Cakes.  If you don’t own it, then treat yourself.  ANYWAY, she mentions an expensive oven thermometer - the Omega HH-22.  I went to the website and looked at it.  My birthday is coming up and I’m putting this on the list.  But…. I am totally embarrassed to say - I can’t figure out how it works.  Do you leave the probe in the oven?  The probe doesn’t look long enough for this to be true…

Does anyone have this thermometer and know how it works?  I read the instructions online, but….



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