Kitchen Mishaps: Cats Love Cheesecake
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Last night I made the pure pumpkin cheesecake. As it was cooling on the countertop, I fell asleep (forgetting to wrap it with plastic wrap and transfer it to the refrigerator). It sat overnight in a cold kitchen for 8 hours. In the meantime, my cat had take a generous bite out of it. I transferred it to the refrigerator, and of course I won’t feed it to guests, but I thought I could at least salvage a few pieces to eat. My husband thinks we have to throw it away because of the cat’s germs. What do you all think? I really don’t want to throw it away without trying a slice myself!  My cat is an indoor cat and has all her shots… if that makes any difference ; )

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We have an indoor cat, though she never eats our food. If it was me, I would just cut off the part she ate of but I won,t serve it to any guest. But that,s just me.

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