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I recently got an heirloom recipe book that has old German recipes dating from 1940s (or earlier) from the area my mother and family came from. I would like to make some of the cookies in the book that I remember my grandmother making but the quantities are measured in “glasses”.. For example it says: “4 Glas Mehl” (flour),  “1 Glas Zucker” (sugar)...etc.” 

I would like to know how much is “1 Glas” ???  Were drinking glasses back then only one standard size and if so what would it equal in our metric or imperial measurements?

If anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.  My mother has serious memory issues and unfortunately can’t help me out because she doesn’t remember. I would love to try these old recipes.

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Have you tried looking at the beginning of the book? Even very old cookbooks used to write the measurements in the first few pages.
Also, could you type a basic recipe for us so we can compare it to our modern-understanding of cookie dough? Maybe if we’ll see the flour-sugar-butter proportions we’ll be able to be of more asistance.



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The first thing I did was check the book but nowhere in the book are there any measurement explanations. It is 269 page book compiled by a group of housewives and type written on an old typewriter.
This particular recipe says (translated):
400 g Butter
300 g ground nuts
1 glass sugar
4 glasses flour
1 lemon (zest)
7 tablespoons sour cream

The instructions are minimal just saying to form a dough, roll it out and cut out the cookies and bake them till lightly browned (no oven temperature given), to spread them with jam and coat with icing sugar.

There are many other recipes too that combine different types of measurements, some ingredients being measured in grams and other ingredients in the same recipes measured in “glasses”.
It can be a “glass” of raisins, milk, flour, sugar, sour cream, 3/4 of a “glass” of oil and so on….
That’s why it would be helpful if someone knows what that size glass would have been so that it could be used for any of the recipes and not just for this one particular cookie recipe.

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