Kramer Layer cake??
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Hello!  Quick questions for the experts:

I’m thinking of making a layer cake with alternating layers of Karmel cake from RHC and a chocolate cake.  I would use one 9” Karmel cake recipe, cut into two layers, and one 9” chocolate cake, cut into two layers.

Is the Karmel cake strong enough to be cut into two layers and used in a four layer cake?  Or is it too soft?

Also, any recommendations for which chocolate cake would go best with the Karmel cake?

I’m thinking of using the chocolate caramel ganache twice between layers and a chocolate buttercream once between layers and to frost the cake. 

Thanks for any advice or recommendations!

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Sounds like a yummy cake!  Hope you’ll post a pic smile

IMHO, the Domingo would be a great balance to the Karmel cake- chocolate-y but not so intense that it overpowers.  I think both the Karmel and the Domingo would be easiest to cut into layers when chilled.  They will probably still need the support of a cardboard round or something similar when handling them.

Good luck!

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