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My Quest:Finding The Jewish Honey Cake I Remember
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McBrownie - 16 February 2014 02:26 PM

Hi McBrownie,

I’m so glad you liked the recipe. I always use 255g of banana. Most times, it is not more than 2 bananas.  Perhaps freezing changed the consistency. What flour did you use? I used cake flour which is bleached. Unbleached also might account for the change in consistency when slicing. My cake bakes no longer than 50 minutes.

I was actually going to ask you which knife you use. The cheesecake on your blog is sliced to perfection!  I use a serrated bread knife for loaf cakes. My knife is MAC 10 INCH BREAD KNIFE.

Flo’s streusel is my favorite streusel.  I get a lot of compliments on my streusel. We do like sweet though.

I went to the library yesterday and borrowed More Magnolia among several other books. I am excited because there is a lot of recipes I am eager to try.

I’m so glad you will be trying more Flo recipes. Please let me know which recipes you bake.

Yeah, maybe freezing did change the consistency- but does it change the weight as well? Sounds odd to my completely-unknowledgeable mind.
I used AP UNbleached [no bleaching here] + cornstarch. It could be the reason, you are right. But I thought it makes the cake less tender. I don’t know; The thing that’s giving me a hard time is the streusel- It doesn’t stay in one place, and sometimes when I cut, it acts as a big streusel-layer rather then little streusel morsels, and the streusel “breaks” across the cake. And crumbs all over.

Hi McBrownie,

Yes, freezing definitely makes banana separate and lose moisture. Even though it was imperceivable the banana could have lost moisture. That is why I like the idea of freezing pureed bananas and then letting them drain in a strainer. I actually do that with grated zucchini too before I add it to the batter.

I think cake flour, which is bleached, is supposed to produce a tender cake. I never made this recipe with AP flour. I have heard people use cornstarch with AP flour. In fact, the book Tartine does make at least some of their tea cakes that way and they are very good. But I would not know the correct amount of cornstarch to use or how to adjust the weight of the flour either. Judging by your blog, you are not having any problems. Your cakes are gorgeous. I’m sure this recipe just need a time or two to get it down, and I am sure you will.

Hmmm, the only time a problem with streusel has happened to me was with recipes using melted butter in the streusel. Also, the streusel does not go in the refrig after you make it and before you add it to the cake. It sits on the counter. Maybe you are in a warm climate and the butter is melting before you use the streusel?



Thanks! For my cheesecakes I use a Santoku knife, because the blade is so big [not just long], so when I cut a slice, even when I go to the bottom of the cake, the knife still acts as a barrier between the cut part of the slice and the rest of the cake [gee that sounds confusing, I hope you understand!]. and the blade itself is kind of thick, so it really seperates the cake when I cut it.
Your knife looks spectecular! Wow, 10.5 inches, I bet it’s easy to slice layers with it!

Your cakes were noticeably perfect. Your knife sounds amazing.

Hector recommended this knife in a thread once:


I haven’t gotten it yet but it something I would like to get in the future. It has micro serrations.

I also have a 14 inch Victorinox serrated knife for round cakes. I like it a lot and it is very inexpensive.


I do like the streusel, I just think it’s a bit too sweet for the cake underneath, to my taste, But it could be because I use slightly less bananas then called for [230g].

Oh, it’s good that you gound Magnolia! I think that book has some oil-based recipes in the quick-breads section!
I have not made any cakes from Magnolia but I sure do hope you’ll like it. They sound good, anyway.

I will keep you updated on my relationship with Flo’s recipes smile

We like things sweet. you can definitely experiment or even use a different streusel.  You have to like it grin

Thank you for trying it. That is very cool!!


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