Advice on the cake to choose for a tiered moist wedding cake URGENT!
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My friend is getting married and at the last minute has asked me to bake the wedding cake. The wedding is this weekend (yikes!) and what she would like is a tres leches style cake soaked with a mix of coconut and condensed milks and layered with pineapple or strawberries in the middle. She is very keen that the cake be fresh and fruity rather than t buttery or creamy-rich. Here is some advice I was after:

1. Would the Genoise for 150 recipe work if I soaked it with the coconut and condensed milk mixtures? I am used to doing a similar cake with a butterless sponge but unsure about using the recipe since I don’t know if it will take scaling and because the resulting cake is so very moist that I am unsure if it can take stacking. Would you share any recipe that you think make work well here?
(would the lamington sponge shared here work?
2. Would this (hopefully moist) cake take being stacked?
3. What would be the best way to bring in the fresh fruit flavour in the filling. I am used to just using fresh sliced mangoes as a layer and that used to work beautifully. Unsure if this would work with strawberry or pineapple though.
4. Do you think a vanila swiss meringue buttercream would work for such a cake?

Any other advice you can share would be most welcome. As you can probably guess, this is going to be my first wedding cake!

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Wow, that’s a tall order to fill on such short notice, and your first wedding cake!
I have never made that type of cake, but an idea tht may relief some stress, is what about not frosting it all, and doing one of those “naked” cakes? You would fill and assemble as usual, but just wouldn’t frost the outside. I don’t have a picture to link to, but you can Google it. Just a thought. Best of luck, you are a very good friend!

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You are a very, very good friend to take this on last minute!

1- Rose’s genoise wedding cake would probably work, but if it were me, I’d skip the butter- that’s how Rose’s tres leches cake recipe is crafted in RHC.  I don’t have any experience with the other cake, perhaps someone else will chime in.
2- anything with as much syrup as a tres leches cake will need to have a good solid support structure- if you stick to the amounts of syrup in the wedding cake section of TCB, you’ll probably be fine stacking with the straws/cardboard that Rose recommends.  But if you use more syrup, you might want to consider one of those wedding cake structures that has decorative columns that hold up each layer separately so that cakes themselves are not relied upon for support.
3. probably a puree stablized with gelatin or agar- and pineapple needs to be cooked so the enzymes don’t thin the filling.  Less sure about fresh fruit- might work if there isn’t too much syrup.
4. Yes, if there isn’t a surplus of syrup to leak out the bottom (which is the norm for tres leches).  Like the idea to leave the sides bare and just frost/decorate the top.

good luck!

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