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What are you cooking for Thanksgiving this year?
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Matthew, one day we should share this meal with Rose and all you bloggers!

Sorry, no photo of the stuffing by itself.  I didn’t think it was too pretty to look at plus I didn’t have any time that evening to do food styling on it!  You can see a little of it coming out of the whole turkey’s opening, the crusted part.  It was delicious, and I guess you will need to make it yourself to “see” it.  I did not add chopped gizzards neither liver, just the neck meat.  I placed the gizzards and liver near the stuffing opening, so I could fish it out easily when carving.

I need to point out that I am certain, the stuffing “will not” taste as good if not baked inside the turkey.  Breast meat and breast bone removed, the breast skin was on direct contact with the stuffing, the skin juice (fat) melted on the stuffing, thus the flavor plus a delicious thin crisp skin to munch on.  Also, the cavity of the turkey bled more juice than usual because of the the cuts exposed made from removing the breast bone.  This is a technique I’ve seen in chestnut stuffed meatless Peking duck.

I suppose, you could replicate this by getting turkey skin and stitch it into a bag, place a raw turkey back bone on the bottom, and fill it with stuffing.  It sounds very Frankenstein.

I look forward to volunteer this stuffing at a gathering, perhaps if I wouldn’t have frozen most of the stuffing components, it would have come up less crushed and uniform, and would photograph better.  Rose points out on the recipe that she likes to see each stuffing component distinguished when eating it.

One other thing I like to report, is that after letting the turkey sit for 1 hour prior to carving, the shape of the turkey flattened up almost looking like a duck (long flat breast).  The photo I posted is of the turkey right out of the oven, things were still puffed up and sizzling.

Glad your cran raspberry sauce was well accepted.  Yes, if you add grind, most definitely let is “age.”



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