Baking without nuts for a holiday party
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I’m hoping that some of you might have some experience that can help me out as I prepare to bring dessert(s) to a holiday party next weekend. The party will have 12-16 people present, so I’m thinking I’d like to do two recipes from PPB that can be done as tartlets. The problem I’m running into is that most of the recipes I’ve looked at call for one of Rose’s crusts that includes nuts, and one of the party guests is allergic to tree nuts. Does anyone have any experience with, for instance, switching out Rose’s sweet cookie nut crust for just the sweet cookie crust? If it helps, I could rummage and name recipes I’m considering, but I’m not really that far along in the process. Any suggestions for might work out well would be appreciated.

I should also note that there are also lactose intolerant guests, so I would like to have at least one recipe where the filling/topping doesn’t include raw dairy so that we don’t have to worry about putting Lactaid out with dessert grin

Thanks for any suggestions!


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I think that would work fine Mitch.

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