Uses for coconut oil and coconut sugar
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Has anyone ever used coconut oil in baking before? If so, how did you use it? I’ve seen the extra virgin coconut oil sold in glass jars, and they are solid like butter or shortening. I initially thought that coconut oil might be a good substitute for shortening.

I recently baked some gingersnap cookies using two different recipes—one from Shirley Corriher’s Bakewise (all-butter recipe) and one from the King Arthur flour website (all-shortening recipe). Shirley’s cookies turned out quite flat, because the butter melted quickly. The all-shortening recipe stayed plump because of the higher melting point of shortening (but was missing the delicious butter flavor). However, I don’t like the idea of eating shortening because of the hydrogenation, so I thought of coconut oil. However, some research on Wikipedia suggests that non-hydrogenated coconut oil would be a terrible substitute for butter and shortening, because it melts at around 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

So my question is…Then what is coconut oil good for?

And similarly, has anyone used coconut sugar in baking? Can it be substituted weight by weight for other sugars? How does it behave, etc.? I had a thought of making a coconut chiffon cake using coconut water, coconut sugar, and coconut oil. (And some shredded dried coconut too. Hehe.)

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Where I am from, Philippines, we use both coconut oil and milk in most of our desserts and some regular cooking like meats and things like that.  Coconut milk has more use than the oil. The oil is extracted from the coconut milk, but the coconut has to be mature.  U cannot get oil from a young coconut, but the meat is so good to eat because it is very soft and u can drink the water inside it.
I use coconut milk in my baking like cakes, rice cakes, sticky rice desserts ...
I have not used oil that much. If u boil coconut milk (pure) for soooo long, it will turn to oil and the meaty part will burn. I remember when living and growing up in Philippines, women use the oil for hair care or skin. It makes hair healthy. I don’t know why u cannot use it with cake. U might get a more greasy cake or cookies.

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Coconut oil is a most amazing super food. It has lauric, caprylic and capric acid which makes it so wonderful. It is anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal. It has many uses in health and it is utterly delicious. I have used it to make cookies before and the flavor is phenomenal. I’ve even used it to make a frosting. It is a staple in the raw foods gourmet kitchen and in the health conscious person’s pantry. It’s great for cooking too as it has a high smoking point but doesn’t become unhealthy when heated.  I have also substituted coconut oil for butter in other cookie recipes. It is a bit trickier to cream the oil with the sugar as it is so solid but if heated even slightly it will become liquid, there doesn’t seem to be an in between soft stage. Here are a couple links to my fav recipes with coconut oil: and I even talk a bit more about coconut oil in these links.

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