Paper bundt/chiffon cake pans
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Has anyone ever tried baking chiffon cakes in an oven-safe paper tube pan? 

For example, something like…

I’ve purchased the full-sized paper pans before, but I had always baked my chiffon cakes in a regular metal pan and then awkwardly transferred the unmolded and cooled cake into the paper pan for presentation and gifting. Does it work well for baking the cake? Obviously, the conduction wouldn’t be as good, because it’s paper not metal. But I want to know if anyone has had success with it.

There are also mini-sized version of these paper cake pans. Do they work well with the recipe intended for a full-sized tube pan (i.e. Orange Glow Chiffon from The Cake Bible)? For chiffon cupcakes and chiffon layer cakes, the recipe is modified (Rose’s Heavenly Cakes), but the mini-sized paper tube pans still have that central tube so I’m thinking there shouldn’t be a need to modify the recipe.

Am I on the right track?

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Those are made for these jobs. Don’t hesitate. Yes, they are ok to use .I would suggest put it on a cookie sheet just for easy lifting or moving. Good luck. I have used those tiny ones during Christmas. Those are what they use for Panettoni and that is bread.

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