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I could not find an introductions forum so I thought I would put this here. I am Christian but I don’t force my religion on anyone. Christianity is hard and I would not want anyone to do it unless they will carry their cross daily. I choose to be Christian on my own decision even if it was because I grew up in a Christian home. I am proud to say that I have parents only because they are there when I need advice. If this topic is against the forums rules please let me know since I have yet to read the rules on here.

I am a Christian Brony and a Christian furry. I love to cook when I have a clean kitchen. I am cleaning my apartment right now but I wanted to take a moment and try to find a forum for my love of baking. I have been searching for a while when I had free time and finally decided on this one. My favorite to make is home made bread by hand.

Outside of my love for home made meals I love to read. Aside from the bible I like to read Fim fictions which are the stories written by the My little pony fans. Even if I am 23 years old I still love things like that. I also like to read fantasy and my favorite book at the moment is Into the wild by Erin Hunter.

I play three instruments and study music theory. I am also studying wood working to eventually build and repair wooden instruments. My three instruments that I try and practice on a daily basis is piano, cello, and guitar.

I look forward to getting to know all of you on the forums.

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