Why are the chocolate chunks falling in my orange and chocolate bundt cake?
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For years I have been making an outstanding Ina Garten orange and chocolate chunk cake (without the syrup or ganache):


I make the cake exactly as described (egg size, etc.), and have been using Toll House semisweet chunks. I coat them in flour as per the directions, but inevitably, almost all of the chunks sink. Are the Toll House chunks just too heavy for a cake? Is there a better way to get the chunks to stay where they are supposed to be?


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They do make a smaller size chip that would be more likely to stay afloat. That’s what I used in one of Rose’s similar recipes.

You might give the larger chips a whirl in the food processor; I don’t know if it will break them up significantly, but it would roughen up the exterior which might given them a better grip in the batter.


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