Sticky tops on homemade muffins
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Has anyone found a way around sticky tops of muffins the day after they’re baked? They stay nice and have a bit of crunch on the day of, but by next day, they’re sticky.  I tried sprinkling toasted nuts, but I can’t put them on every muffin.  I read this tip, and I’ll have to try it next time around:

I also read this method but leaving them out without using paper liners and just covering with waxed paper would make the sides of the muffins dry out.


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Your best bet is probably to recrisp them in the oven. All the other methods of keeping the exterior dry probably have the side effect of making your muffins drier on the inside, too.

If you want to keep them in a dry environment, you probably could purchase some desiccant packs and then store the muffins however you want:


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