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I attempted to bake these mini cakes from RHC cookbook. I followed every step of the way; but I was disappointed at the finished product. Can someone please tell me if the underside of these cakelets should have a deep divet that may have displaced the molten ganache puddles in the center? I am wondering if I should have let the ganache firm up and rolled them like little balls of truffles before placing it in each well of the pan? I tried sandwiching the ganache between two layers of cake batter and still ended up with the same result. Unless of course it is an expected result to have divets in the underside of each cake, then I want to know a better way to do it since the final product always had an empty hole in the center of each cake.


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I haven’t made these but I checked the recipe and it says to put the ganache on top of the batter, not to sandwich it between two layers.  The other things to check are that you whipped the ganache (sinks more slowly) and that your room temp wasn’t too warm.

Hope that helps! smile


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