storage of flavorings and extracts
Posted: 22 May 2014 06:52 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I had bought some vanilla extract from Costco. Stored in cupboard. It was starting to get some separation it seems and brown stuff on bottom, maybe from settling. I called them and they said yes, store in cupboard. I called because, they said it can keep for 5 mos and not go south - no do not refrigerate because it can cloud up.
If it’s like a listerine thing where it isn’t compromised by cold, then I wondered if storing it in fridge would help retain the potency. After all I only so much is used per recipe.

Of course, I can always buy the little bottles.

I did not think that I had that bottle in cabinet for more than 5 mos, so I was questioning their advice. And I never really thought about it until I noticed it looked that way.

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