Chocolate Ganache Petits Fours
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These are irresistible, but keep them in a cool place or they’ll become very soft. You could make half Dark Chocolate Ganache and half Milk Chocolate Ganache to fill the Chocolate Cases, and even present a mixture as a Gift.


175g Dark Chocolate broken into pieces
1     teaspoon of Sunflower Oil


150mls   Double Cream
100g     Dark or Milk Chocolate broken into pieces
A little Rum or Brandy to Flavour ( or any flavour of your choice)


Shredded Pistachio Nuts
Edible Gold Leaf (optional)

First Make the Chocolate Casings, Melt the Chocolate slowly in a bowl with the Oil over a pan of hot water: Allow to cool slightly then brush the inside of about 25 Petits Fours Cases with a thin layer of Chocolate (You can use a fine brush to do this, or even just the ball of one finger ).,  Leave to set in fridge, then give the cases a second coat of Chocolate and leave to set the same way.

For the Ganache, place the Cream into a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat and add the Chocolate pieces and a little Rum or Brandy. Stir until the Chocolate has Melted. Return the pan to the heat, bring to the boil and then take off heat and allow to cool. When firm, spoon the Chocolate Ganache into a Piping Bag fitted with a Medium Star Nozzle and Pipe Rosettes of the Ganache into the Chocolate Cases.

Carefully peel off the Petit Fours Cases. Decorate the top of each with a shred of Pistachio Nut and a Touch of Gold Leaf, and chill until required.

These Look so professional ,and taste delicious . As mentioned above they are perfect as a little present for someone special , and by adding different flavours to the Ganche Mixture they can be so made to personal taste of the person the gift is for. They are a Special Gift to Remember.

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Hope you all enjoy this Recipe.


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