Merengue Rainbow Cake
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Hi everyone,

hope everything is well with all of You. We are new here in the forum.
We love baking and share our recipes. Here it is one of them: Merengue Rainbow Cake.


Enough for 5-6 merengue layers depending on how big You intend to do the layers. We did 4 small 16 cm layers but You can do more and/or larger layers. If You decide to do so, we recommend to double the doses.
2 dl egg white (about 6 egg whites)
Note: it is important to have the egg whites at room temperature otherwise it could be hard to get them stiff
2 tsp lime juice (or lemon)
2 dl sugar
4 dl powdered sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
4 dl for 4 small layers (16 cm)
2 kiwi
200 g blueberries
200 g strawberries
1 mango


Step 1: Merengues preparation

Pre-heat the oven at 90°C. Oh, the babies out of the kitchen!!
Put lime juice and egg whites in a bowl and whip them stiff with an electric whip (It has to be a double whip tool). Then, add small portions of sugar and keep whipping until You finish the sugar and the mix become thick and glossy.
Divide the mix in 4 different bowls (Do this if You want to have 4 different colours) and add a different food colour in each bowl until they have the desired colour intensity.
Now, filter ¼ of the powdered and ¼ of the vanilla sugar per each bowl and fold them gently with a rubber spatula until well mixed. Insert the first mix in a piping bag and pipe it in circle to obtain the merengue layers (It is better to have them compact, not leaving holes in the middle of the layer). Then, do the same thing with the second mix, the third and the forth mix.
Bake them in the oven for about 1h until they are completely dry. Check them every now and then so they will not crack. If they crack, consider to lower the temperature in the oven or the baking time.
When You have baked all the bottoms, whip the cream and rinse or peal the fruits. Then, cut the kiwi and mango in small pieces.

Step 2: Cake composition

Put the first merengue layer on a serving plate. Add some of the whipped cream and top with blueberry. Then, add the second merengue layer, then some whipped cream and top with kiwi. Now it is the moment to add the third merengue layer, whipped cream and top with mango. Finally, add the last merengue layer, whipped cream and decorate with strawberries
Great job! The torta is ready so Enjoy it!

If You like it why don’t You try to do it? Let us have some feedback here in the forum!! We are eager to know if You liked it!
This and other recipe are available on

Koki Doo

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