Dutch Oven vs La Cloche
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I picked up the book “Flour, Water Salt, Yeast”, after Rose mentioned a couple recipes from it.  The book uses a dutch oven for all of the bread recipes.  Is there a difference in how the bread turns out between using a dutch oven vs a La Cloche?  It seems they provide the same basic function.  Thank you!

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The La Cloche is mainly intended to keep the baking environment moist. The cast iron dutch oven does that, too, but it is also a huge reservoir of heat so that the bread rises very quickly and turns very dark.


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My experience is that I get a better “grigne” in my Le Creuset dutch ovens than in a La Cloche, which IMHO is intended, at least, to do the same thing: trap escaping moisture in order to slow down how quickly the crust bakes and therefore crisps. I make small, 500+ gr boules in a 1.5 qt DO, which is know is smaller than Forkish specifies. But these are a perfect 2-person size and open up (oven spring) with better, more consistent results than my la Cloche or any of the other methods I’ve tried to replicate a commercial oven.

I’ve been reading about Forkish’s book with great interest and have put it on hold at the local library to see if I want to read it or have it!!  What did you think?

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Nice looking boules!  re: FWSY, I loved the book and had fun baking from it.  I did have two issues with it, though, the first was that my breads never followed his timetables, they were always faster, so check your rises early.  The second was the huge amounts of starter that he tosses in the trash.  I scaled down to cut down on waste, and since I use a Proofer I don’t need to mix up large amounts of dough in hopes that the mass won’t lose heat while fermenting.

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