Chocolate Snowball Hot Fudge Sauce Mods
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I can’t usually get my hands on good unsweetened chocolate and usually it’s very expensive (Lindt at $3.00 for 50grams—ouch!) so I converted the Snowball Hot Fudge Sauce from RHC to use bittersweet chocolate (58%).  I think the sauce is comparable to the original—maybe a hint sweeter but easily adjusted by reducing sugar.  Texture seems much the same—a thick, sticky ganache…

I eliminated the use of unsweetened:
1.  Increase chocolate by 3 oz.
2.  Reduce butter by 1 oz.
3.  I used 10 T of sugar, but may go slightly less next time ... I prefer a less sweet sauce…try 8 T?

Follow remainder of recipe as written.  This is a great sauce—it does stiffen in the fridge and I just sampled some out of the freezer—very firm but easily scoopable with a spoon!  I think it would be downright deadly swirled into homemade ice cream (just so it’s marbled, but not homogeneous—upcoming baking project!)

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Rose’s homemade hot fudge is amazing, and your sub sounds perfect.  Love, love, love the idea of putting it in ice cream, and so will my thirteen year old!  smile


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