Sourdough Rye and Ankarsrum
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I just got an Ankarsrum and am in the process of converting my favorite recipes to the new mixer. I make Rose’s sourdough rye ALL the time. But the Ankarsrum likes water first. So on my first try, I added the levain to the final water, and then added the flour because the levain didn’t mix up at all. Since the recipe calls for a 20 minute auotlyse, BEFORE adding the levain, I let the whole mixture sit for about 20 minutes and then proceeded to the kneading. In my old KA, my mixing was spot on with the recipe: 2 minutes at first speed, 1 minute at first speed with the caraway and salt, 3 minutes at higher speed.  This seemed to take much longer to get a window pane.

Can anyone else share their experience? Particularly the order of the mix and the timing.

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I tend to be a skeptic with such rules as “water first”, so I ignore them until evidence indicates they’re needed. I usually weigh the dry ingredients in the mixing bowl, so by default the dry stuff goes in first. I then weigh the water while the mixer is spinning around the dry ingredients. So far, this has worked fine, although the mixer sometimes takes a few minutes before everything is incorporated. I really don’t ever pay much attention to the times listed in recipes, since there are many variables.

I like this mixer a lot.


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