Gummy Eggless Cake Advice Needed Quickly!!!
Posted: 18 December 2008 11:01 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I am baking a birthday cake for my vegan nieces.  The problem with vegan cakes is no eggs obviously.  It’s hard to make a decent cake without eggs with the exception of the eggless chocolate cake that was published in Bon Appetit’s cake cookbook and has been republished under another name in the magazine this month.  So I have the chocolate cake covered. 

The problem is that I need to make a pumpkin, carrot or sweet potato cake this time.  I have done two test cakes this week.  The first was a vegan carrot cake from the web and it was terrible on every level.  I usually don’t trust recipes unless they come from reliable sources, but I decided to take a chance.  The second cake I made was a pumpkin cake which I had modified to make it vegan by using egg replacer (not egg beaters, this is a powdered egg free concoction available at natural food stores).  Once again I am ending up with a rather gummy cake that tastes OK, but is lacking in decent structure.  It’s very dense as well as gummy.  I have had MANY gummy vegan cakes produced by other vegan family members, but I feel that it MUST be possible to create a decent cake that contains something other than chocolate without eggs.  Can anyone advise me on where the recipe is going wrong?  Something must be unbalanced. 

I assume the chief issue is the heavy vegetable component not allowing any decent rise with baking soda and powder alone.  The chocolate cake recipe works by using baking soda, powder and vinegar to boost the rise.  But I am afraid these heavier cakes can’t hold up with that alone.  Please HELP me understand the science here and try to fix it fast!!!

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