brioche in a tropical country
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Hi, does anyone know how to make brioche breads in a tropical country? The weather is so hot my dough inevitably warms up everytime causing my dough to become really wet and sloppy :( should I stick it in the fridge/freezer?
I’ve prev tested out these recipes

where they described as being smooth, elastic and able to be folded over and even twisted. But somehow when I tried these recipes out the dough was so sticky and wet, even after I had added a few extra tbsp of flour. I was too afraid to add anymore flour cause I didn’t want the bread to turn out too dense.

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sarah wu - 27 February 2016 07:09 PM

:( should I stick it in the fridge/freezer?

yes, along with your mixing bowl and everything that comes in contact with the dough. Depending on how you’re mixing, you might be able to place the bowl in a larger bowl of cold water.


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