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Enriched Sourdoughs
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Well, I’ve made two batches of Moravian Sugar Cake, and the second really worked, so I’m encouraged. 
I thought I’d post this link to a baker’s blog I just found because she’s done a lot of work on developing her own wild yeast panetonne.  Check it out!

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Hi Lizarose!

Sorry, but I’m just seeing your post now. I have made pannatone, and babka using sourdough starter. What I do is substitute the milk for an equal amount of WHOLE milk powder because of the water in the starter (and if the dough needs more liquid, I can just add more water). Because of all the sugar in these doughs, I boost the dough with about 1/2 tsp. of instant yeast. I basically use the starter for flavor and better keeping properties, not necessarily for 100% rising ability, so I don’t see a problem with using a bit of extra yeast.

Also, most of these breads (especially pannetone) require a sponge anyway (which is usually flour, water, and yeast), so subbing a sourdough starter is easy. You can just sub an equal amount of sourdough starter by weight for the sponge in the recipe. I would still recommend boosting the dough with a little bit of instant yeast.


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