Total flour confusion.. A myriad of questions for those working with flour in Australia or have used a white spelt flour for bread?
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Firstly, has anyone had any experience with ‘white spelt’ flour?
I was shopping this morning in an attempt to find this magical ‘cake flour’ but none of my local asian markets have this.

Also as for most cupcake/ cookie recipes being quite successful with a 10% protein tipo 00 flour I went to buy more of this but unfortunately couldn’t get any.

I see my options for cakes/cupcakes atm as being use a 10% protein plain flour such as ‘white wings’ etc as available in the supermarket, use 1/8th cornflour (cornstarch) and do the oven treatment as I do not have a microwave.

OR wait until I can track down some of this 6 - 7 % Taiwanese cake flour OR wait until I can get more tipo 00 flour, however I really would like to have a fall back plan that I can get the bet possible results from what is readily available at any shops.

I always found any recipe using sour cream or too higher butter content would come out the same as I noticed on Kates blog - totally solid horrible gluggy crumb, and am excited I could get good results from roses recipes as I find NOTHING worse than having wasted so many ingredients, and generally having any sort of kitchen failure.. oh the humanity!
Although realistically I realise I will have to experience many more failures to work out which flours will work best for which recipes.. but I am a student and the cost of some of the ingredients is horrific enough plus I hate to waste anything.

OK so the spelt question, In a deli I came across a white spelt flour with I think 14% protein.. Has anyone made bread with spelt flour? Is there a particular type of loaf in which would work best?
Again the flour was $6 for 1kg so I hate the idea of wasting it in another failed recipe.

Oh why can’t flour just be somewhat similar and not require a days worth of treatment in order to absorb and work as it would in these recipes..

Thanks if anyone can give me any advice that would be fabulous!

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Giselle, I will try to help a little, though I’m not in Australia so I can’t answer all your questions. 

For cakes, you can use the 00 flour for genoise, biscuit, chiffon and cakes that use vegetable oil, like the pumpkin cake.  There may be slight changes in texture with the 00, but the recipes will still work.  Perhaps you could work on those cakes for a while?

For butter cakes calling for unmelted butter, the open texture of the bleached flour allows it to blend better with the butter.  The protein content can be lowered with cornstarch, but without bleaching (or microwaving via Kate flour) to roughen up the particles, the texture will suffer greatly (the butter “slides off” the particles of flour and can sink to the bottom).  Perhaps the King Arthur web store will ship their Queen Guenivere cake flour internationally?

If you are experimenting, by all means get a half-batch pan so that you are only risking smaller amounts of ingredients. 

Sorry, I’m not much help on the bread/spelt flours, other than to say that you don’t want them to be bleached, they need a higher protein/gluten content (compared to cake flour) to create a light texture.  I do think Rose mentions spelt flour in the ingredients section in the back of the Bread Bible.

Good Luck!

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