Quantities/amount of fondant needed?
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Hi everyone, I’m sure that many of you will know the answer to my question. 

I searched the blog and learned a lot, but did not find the answer to my question.  I was sure that there was a chart in the Cake Bible that was for the amount of fondant needed to cover various size cakes, but I was unsuccessful in locating it.  Once again, I went through the book and found all sorts of interesting tid bits but not the answer I was looking for. 

What I’m wondering is if there is a formula or ‘rule of thumb’ to use when trying to prepare for the amount of fondant needed?  As well, are there any sorts of buttercream that are best avoided when using fondant?  I’m planning on using fondant for the first time to make a cake for my grandmother’s 90th birthday party. A 90th birthday party, I think, is just the perfect occassion to make a spectacular cake, however I think most occassions need an awesome cake. I’ve read most (if not all) the posts that had anything at all to do with fondant at least once, and in a few instances numerous times.  I’ve learned a lot and think that what I learned will be invaluable for when I’m in the process of making my cake.

Thanks in advance for helping me out & all your advice!

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