Bread Falls apart
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I have been making just some common breads and they fall apart if I slice them to use for sandwiches.
What am I doing wrong?

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If you are using the wrong kind of flour (such as bleached as opposed to unbleached) you might be getting a crumb that is more like a cake than a bread. Also, if you slice the bread when it is too hot from the oven, that can also cause it to come apart. Sometimes whole wheat breads also get very crumbly, so you have to find a recipe that can correct for this. Search this blog and see if any of the bread recipes catch your fancy. Try one or two, and see if your problems are solved.

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  Good morning. Sorry to learn of your bread baking mishap.  It is difficult to tell you what your problem may be. Member Christine S, posted some good thoughts to you. Along with those thoughts are insufficent gluten development. insufficent yeast as well as stale yeast & or flour power. I can go on & on.  It is clear to me that your problem is a common problem either technique or ingredients. So why don’t you post one of those recipes along with the directions & how you handled same. Also mention are you using a bread machine or a stand mixer????.
  I know we can help you. Till then, Welcome to our culinary club. Good luck & enjoy the rest of the day.

  ~FRESHKID. cool hmm

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