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Any suggestions (especially because of your work with the Bernachons) on how to incorporate liqueur into caramels? I’ve trolled the web looking for recipes and i can’t find anything that helps me to even make one up myself. For example, if the liqueur goes in at the sugar and corn syrup stage, it will boil off, but will the flavor remain without hurting the texture? Or, if added with the cream, will there be flavor, maybe some alcohol and still will it set adequately ,or if added at very last stage, will it affect the setting of the caramel? How to compensate for the additional liquid? substitute the vanilla with it? or give it up and just enjoy plain old caramel?
etc etc. If you have any advice without having to work hard to get it, I’d be grateful. I put this on the caramel sauce posting but got no answers so I am trying here.

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