Can I use this for a soaking syrup?
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Hi All - This is my first post.  Be gentle!

Over the past couple days I’ve candied a bunch of lemon peels.  It involved about an hour of simmering and then briefly boiling them in a syrup made of 6 cups water and 3 and 1/4 cup sugar as well as about 24 hours of soaking them.  I’m left with 2 cups of a lovely golden syrup with a flavor almost like honey which is about the texture of the heavy syrup that comes in canned peaches.  I hate to waste it!

My question is whether I can use this as a soaking syrup for genoise or another sponge type cake?  I’ve never before made a cake that needed soaking syrup so I don’t have a frame of reference for what the texture or sweetness of a soaking syrup should be.  I was thinking of making the classic genoise using the lemon soaking syrup and a lemon moussaline buttercream. 

Will this work?  Any other ideas for how I can use the syrup (other than in mixed drinks or over ice cream, since I don’t consume either)?  Thanks!

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  Good afternoon. Welcome to our culinary club.  You can use this syrup on a cake cut surface….however you may have to thin it out very slightly so that less goes on there may a weight issue as well. You can consider using it in muffin baking as well, such as bluelberry muffins & plain muffins & yes lemon muffins. tongue laugh
  I hope this info helps you make the proper decision for yourself.
  Good luck in your baking & enjoy the rest of the day.


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Pavlov, no problem using that for a genoise syrup.  I use a “lemonade” syrup for classic genoise whenever kids are going to eat it (as opposed to liqueur).  Ideally, check the water/sugar ratio against the syrup called for in the recipe, then add water to match that ratio.  After that, add either liqueur or lemon juice.  Will be so lovely with lemon buttercream!

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