Can I use this for a soaking syrup?
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Hi All - This is my first post.  Be gentle!

Over the past couple days I’ve candied a bunch of lemon peels.  It involved about an hour of simmering and then briefly boiling them in a syrup made of 6 cups water and 3 and 1/4 cup sugar as well as about 24 hours of soaking them.  I’m left with 2 cups of a lovely golden syrup with a flavor almost like honey which is about the texture of the heavy syrup that comes in canned peaches.  I hate to waste it!

My question is whether I can use this as a soaking syrup for genoise or another sponge type cake?  I’ve never before made a cake that needed soaking syrup so I don’t have a frame of reference for what the texture or sweetness of a soaking syrup should be.  I was thinking of making the classic genoise using the lemon soaking syrup and a lemon moussaline buttercream. 

Will this work?  Any other ideas for how I can use the syrup (other than in mixed drinks or over ice cream, since I don’t consume either)?  Thanks!

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