Double-Height Wedding Cake Tiers
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I’ve designed a wedding cake for a friend with some tiers that are 6-8 inches high, and some that are the usual 3 or 4.  I’m not actually sure how to construct the double-height ones though.  I’ve seen plenty of cakes with uneven tier heights, but I’m not sure how it’s constructed inside or more importantly, how the caterer is to cut it.  Should I hide a cardboard sheet inside the double tiers, so the caterer can sort of de-laminate it into two tiers when they cut it?  Alternatively, could they just cut the double height tier into really tall pieces that are just half the thickness of the normal tier servings?

Also, does anyone have pointers for stabilizing these extra-tall tiers, beyond the usual straw insertion?


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Really tall pieces won’t plate very well.  I’d definitely put a cardboard or foam core round in the middle of the tall tier, then frost as if it were one tier.  The cake cutter would simply cut the top half, remove the divider and cut the bottom half.


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