Dry/Dense Chocolate Domingo Cake
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I made TCP’s chocolate domingo cake as a practice, and I’m hoping to make a slightly more moist and ever so slightly less dense version for the wedding. 

I think it’s an execution issue, not the recipe choice - I indended for it to be rich and dense, just not this dense!!  One problem could be an oven issue - I recently moved and have not yet bought a thermometer to place in my oven and measure the real temp against the knob temp.  It took 40 minutes to cook a 6"x2” square pan, as opposed to the 25-35 min for a 9"x2” round that TCP instructs.  I didn’t notice a gradient of doneness from inside to outside though, so I don’t think it was an issue of the outside getting dry while middle is still cooking. 

Another possibility - could it be my eggs or other batter component not being fluffy enough?  The batter seemed fine, but this was my first attempt at this cake - no point of reference to tell me otherwise.

The cake 2.5 days old at the tasting, but covered in fondant to seal in moisture.  It definitely lost a little moisture over the days it sat, but I think the real problem was present right away (I tried some of the leveling top the same day I took it out). 

Can someone help me improve my moisture and density problems?  What are other people’s experiences with this recipe?

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