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Woody is Featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune!

Apr 28, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions


Photo by Glen Stubbe

Toques off to Woody Wolston!!!

LA Times Great Bread Article

Jan 13, 2011 | From the kitchen of Rose in Publications

Isn't it wonderful when a journalist who interviews you about bread is also a bread baker?! It's so sweet to be talking the same language and understood.

This article, by Amy Scattergood about the pleasures of rye bread, just appeared in the LA Times. Here's the link.

Note: pumpernickel flour is actually rye flour, aka rye meal, milled from the entire rye grain, so is the darkest of rye flours.

A Lovely Honor

Dec 30, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

A friend on facebook recently reported that my name was mentioned in Barbara Fairchild's "Letter from the Editor" in the January issue of Bon Appétit. Of course I had to see what she wrote which necessitated an hour's drive in each direction to the closest Barnes and Noble as we're in the wilds of western New Jersey this week. And there I was, in Barbara's farewell letter, sandwiched between my esteemed long-time friend Lynne Rossetto Kasper (Splendid Table) and delightful new friend David Leite (Leite's Culinaria). (Bon App is moving to New York from LA which is why Barbara is stepping down as editor in chief.)

As she only could mention a few of the 100's of people she worked with, I am proud to be one of these few, especially because I've always been very fond of Barbara. It will be most interesting to see what she will do next!

Just in Time for Holiday Cookie Baking!

Dec 01, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Cookie Questions

Roxanne Weber, Associate Editor of Chow.com has put together a very useful posting on holiday cookies. Click here if you want to know what are the best cookies to select for shipping, how to pack them, and the best way to send them.

The Montré

Nov 25, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

And here's a little holiday present. Last year, Woody and I went on a mini press tour to Montréal where we had a most delightful lunch with Lesley Chesterman who writes for the Montréal Gazette--so delightful, in fact, that we never did the interview so she had to call me several months later for that part.

Here is the delightful result of our conversations plus three recipes which you may already have but do check them out just in case.

Please note, it is Rose's Heavenly Cakes that is available as an enhanced Kindle Ap and the special promotion of $9.99 is no longer in effect. Hopefully The Cake BIble will eventually an e book as well.

Another Review to Share on "Rose's Heavenly Cakes"

May 11, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Publications

Another very special review and recipe from the book, written by another long time friend, Miriam Rubin, and forwarded to me by a newer dear friend and blogger Matthew Boyer! It's so amazingly interesting to me to see how much of people's personalities are reflected in what they write in a review. And, I must say, I feel very appreciated and am wondering when it will be time to descend from cloud 9!

IACP Awards Honor Big and Small Names Cookbook awards for Keller, Beranbaum...

Apr 27, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

Publisher's Weekly

LA Times "Daily Dish"


Mar 27, 2010 | From the kitchen of Rose in Special Stories

The Fashion Institute of Technology puts out a beautifully designed quarterly magazine for alumni appropriately called Hue. The current publication is devoted to food and includes graduates who went from fashion to food careers. As one, I have always joked that I went from draping fabric to draping fondant.

I'm so pleased and honored to have been included in Hue and if you're interested in reading the profile, beautifully written by editor Linda Angrilli, click Rose_20-21ppSgl.jpg!

Here is the pdf for possibly easier reading on your screen:

And here are a few more photos of my work environment which Matthew Septimus took for your enjoyment!





Parade Magazine Feature

Dec 15, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

I think you'll enjoy this full range of tips and a little extra background info on me!

click here

A Great & Instructive Cake Story from the LA Times Blog

Nov 17, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions


The First Newspaper Interview for the New Book!

Sep 02, 2009 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions


Chef on Call

Jul 15, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

I went down to Washington D.C. two weeks ago to give a pie baking lesson for The Washington Post and it now can be found on:


Put chef on call in the search box. If you do this a week from now you'll need to navigate to july 16, 2008 posting. It's a really fun piece--do check it out!

If you'd like to read the story here see below but you'll need to go to the above link for the recipes and photos:

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Chemical & Engineering News

Jul 09, 2008 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

Science & Technology
July 7, 2008
Volume 86, Number 27
pp. 26-30
Kitchen Chemistry
Our love of food is helping bring science to the masses
Lisa M. Jarvis

".....Philosophical discussions on the place of science in cooking aside, ECC [Experimental Cuisine
Collective] is helping to shift the conversation about chemistry and food away from merely an exercise in the esoteric—how to use sodium alginate to make faux caviar or how to use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream—toward one that is accessible to a wider audience.

For example, Rose Levy Beranbaum, author of "The Cake Bible" and "The Bread Bible," presented an amazingly comprehensive explanation of flour during the group's January meeting. Bread is about as basic as it gets in terms of its ingredients, but the baking process itself is quite complex. She went through the wide varieties of flour, how they differ in terms of protein content, which can range from 8 to 14%, and what that means in terms of texture, flavor, and lift. She threw out phrases and words like "phenolic acid," which is responsible for the bitterness of whole wheat flour, and "glutenin" and "gliadin," the two proteins in flour that form gluten. She went on to explain how the ratio of those proteins influences the density of bread because gluten can absorb three times its weight in water. In the end, she made the perfect sponge cake, weighing and timing the addition of ingredients with the precision of an analytical chemist.
The roughly 80 audience members—some chefs, but many simply fans of baking and of Levy Beranbaum's cookbooks—were surprisingly well versed in the science of their craft. They also appeared genuinely interested in thinking about the chemistry of the baking process and how to apply science to get better results in the kitchen.

That kind of discussion—troubleshooting in the kitchen, defining the chemical makeup of ingredients, considering how those ingredients interact, and introducing concepts like reproducibility and hypothesis testing—is what Kirshenbaum hopes ECC can encourage. Although others involved in the group may have different goals, his primary objective is to engage a wider audience in chemistry."

From the heart & hearth, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dec 01, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a homemade gift.

While cookies are classic holiday offerings, the possibilities of distinctive gifts from the kitchen - individual-size cakes, mini cheesecakes and a sampler of homemade nibbles - abound.

"The holidays are an ideal time to bake," says Rose Levy Beranbaum, author of "The Cake Bible" (William Morrow, 1988). "Life slows down and people want to celebrate. There isn't a gift that is more appreciated than a home-baked one."

Great Review of "Rose's Christmas Cookies"

Nov 14, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

Just got a wonderful holiday present in the mail--the advance copy of the Decemeber Woman's Day Magazine, soon to be on the stands. On page 136 is a terrific review, by associate food editor Ellen Greene, of my now SEVENTEEN year old book.

It was my wind-down, treat-to-myself book after the exhaustive process of producing "The Cake Bible."

Because of its seasonal name, it is rarely available in book stores but Jessica's Biscuit (800/878-4264) catalogue #D612 and Sweet Celebrations (800/328-6722) are both wise enough to know that these cookies know no season and always have copies in stock! (Though with this lovely mention their supply may run out quickly.)

Of course they are also available on amazon.com (there's a link from this blog under my books)

Starched Thighs and Charred Chilis

Sep 07, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

really fun article in yesterday's washington post. click on the link:


reprinted here with the kind permission of the author food editor Bonnie Benwick! Be sure to scroll down to Jacques Pepin's contribution--i can just picture his expression when what he reported happening happened!

(just got the paper and saw that my esteemed friend Mitchell Davis is featured in an interview right next to the above mentioned article, re his new book "kitchen sense: more than 600 recipes to make you a great home cook"! bravo mitchel!!!)

Starched Thighs And Charred Chilis
Wednesday, September 6, 2006; Page F01
Kitchen dramas? We've all had them, even the pros. The dramas turn out to be learning experiences -- at least that's what we tell ourselves.
As proof, we asked some of our favorite culinary luminaries to share their own cooking class tales. Let these be a lesson to us all.
-- Bonnie S. Benwick

ROSE LEVY BERANBAUM, baker and cookbook author:
I was teaching at Rich's Cooking School in Atlanta in August several years ago, and the demo kitchen was so hot my legs stuck together. In a moment of desperation/inspiration, I reached for what turned out to be the perfect solution -- and not just for my baking: cornstarch.
DUFF GOLDMAN, owner of Charm City Cakes in Baltimore and star of Food Network's "Ace of Cakes":
When I was a student at the [Culinary Institute of America] at Greystone [Napa Valley, Calif.] I was known as the bread guy because I worked at a bread factory after school. One of my teachers, an amazing bread baker, asked me to make 200 baguettes for a big American Culinary Federation conference. I was really paying attention, baked 'em all . . . they had a nice jump on them. They were beautiful. I was so proud of myself.
The next day my teacher came in and tore one in half to taste it. "Did you try one?" he asked. I'd forgotten the salt. I had to make another 200.

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The Best Part About Writing Cookbooks

Jun 20, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

is the feedback... is the knowledge that other people are sharing the pleasure of one's work, and to see that one's little life is touching the lives of others.

below is a wonderful e-mail (which i have been given permission to share) from a newly born bread baker!

Dear MS Beranbaum,

I am a salesman who called on large commercial bakeries in the Midwest. I have always wanted to bake good breads, did not know where to start. Last summer my daughter purchased your book "The bread bible" for my birthday. You have completely removed the mystery of how to get good results.

The variety of bread recipes gives me the opportunity to make great things at home.

Thank you for putting such a great book on the market. I will be giving copies to my friends who like to use their kitchens.

Best wishes for the new year.

Steven R. Alderson

Interview in IACP Food Forum

Mar 02, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

The following is an interview I did with Marguerite Thomas for IACP Food Forum, the publication of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. It was published in the early part of 2006. You can download the 500k PDF here.

Let's start with the beginning, The Cake Bible, the book that made your name when it came out in 1988. The Pastry Bible and The Bread Bible followed. Did you first come up with the concept of a book, or a series, and the "Bible" title, or did you write the first book and then you and your editors worked out that brilliant title?
I had it in back of my mind to do a "bible" sort of definitive book, and though the word "bible" did occur to me, I would never have had the temerity to call it that if, not for [the late food writer] Bert Greene, who was my best friend. He came up with the title entirely on his own. He insisted that I call it a bible because, he said, I was his muse and he knew that's what the book would be because of my approach to baking. I resisted at first, but when everyone at the publishing company starting calling it by this name -- and giving it more respect -- I started to reconsider.

It's hard to imagine not liking that title.
I asked the bicoastal restaurant consultant Clark Wolf, whose opinion I greatly valued, what he thought of it, and he said it would be like sticking my chin out and saying, "Here! Punch me!" This clever assessment helped me to realize that I believed 100 percent in what I was doing and that I was willing and ready to take it on the chin!

Was The Cake Bible your first book?
My first book was Romantic and Classic Cakes (Irena Chalmers Great American Cooking Schools Series, 1981). It was written on an IBM Selectric typewriter, and it was a great dress rehearsal for a larger book. I could never have written The Cake Bible, with all its depth and continuity, without a computer.

(More after the jump)

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Press Mentions

Feb 28, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions

i'll update this blog entry with press mentions when they happen.


July 7, 2006, Associated Press (ASAP) Idiot in the Kitchen: Baking Brownies by Howie Rumberg

March 19, 2006, New York Times. The Way We Eat: As Easy as... by Jennifer Steinhauer

January 15, 2006 NY Daily News NOW Section, page 32, "Perfectly Simple"

October 23, 2005, Quoted in Time Magazine, Ain't That Sweet! A slew of specialty sugars are taking chefs beyond brown and white, By Stacie Stukin

Time Magazine, October 4, 2004: Article on home bread baking: "Heavenly Loaves."

The Gourmet Retailer, September 2004, The Cake Bible listed as one of the top 25 most influencial books of the past 25 years.

Bon Appetit, January 2004, page 17: "A must for bread baking novices and seasoned kneaders alike."

Fine Cooking, January 2004, page 23: New books for every food lover on your holiday list

New York Times Book Review December 7, 2003: Cooking Round up by Corby Kummer

USA Today December 5, 2003: "for lovers of bread, here's a slice of heaven"

USA Today December 4, 2003 "Just what you knead: 9 delicious reads "

Santa's Favorite Cookies Magazine: My Chocolate Swirl Velvet Cake December 2003

Food & Wine, December 2003: 10 Best Cookbooks of the Year

New York Magazine, December 1, 2003, page 104 "Flour Power"

Newsweek November 17, 2003 page 80: Top Baking Books

Publisher's Weekly, November, 2003: Top 10 Cookbooks of the Year

Sunday's Daily News Feature

Jan 16, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Press Mentions


This is a link to the article where I give tips (and give a recipe for) buttercream icing (PDF, 1 MB)

Rose's Chocolate Baking Essentials on Craftsy


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