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An Artisan Baker Who Loves the Bread Machine

Jun 30, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Announcements

Me! Yes—I know I know—people are always shocked when I defend bread machines but here’s the full story behind it.

When I started writing about bread, many years ago, I wouldn’t even consider using anything but my hands. I remember writing something along the lines of “not for me a bread machine that would rob me of the pleasure of touching the bread.” But several years later, when I started working on “The Bread Bible,” I realized how limited my thinking had been. For one thing, when trying to create a bread such as ciabatta, with large holes, the dough needs to be so sticky it clings to your fingers. My temptation was always to add too much flour which closed up those large holes.

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A Great New Steaming Device

Dec 29, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment

The New Steamer

I've actually written about this on the posting re my final conclusions on the "No Knead Bread" but want to list it as a new posting so no one will miss it. I've tried many steaming devices but the only one that produces a significant amount of steam is the "steam breadmaker." It comes with aluminum lids to contain the steam and an oven stone can also be ordered.
If your oven vents the air and steam such as my Gaggenau, the containers are ideal to hold the steam in during the critical first 10 minute phase of bread baking.(Moisture is vital during the first 10 minutes of bread baking for the best crust and crumb.)

In my Wolf gas oven with oven stone in place, after loading the bread, I simply crack open the preheated oven door, insert the steamer nozzle, and steam for 30 seconds.

Check out: http://info@steambreadmaker.com

What is the best surface on which to bake bread?

Mar 03, 2006 | From the kitchen of Rose in FAQs

A preheated baking stone or quarry tiles are ideal. Allow it or them to preheat for a minimum of 45 minutes. Stone retains heat, giving better oven spring or rise to the loaf, and absorbs moisture yielding a crisper crust. To avoid sprinkling flour or cornmeal on the stone, Silpain, or Silpat (both are silicone mats but Silpain is black and has little holes for breathing), or parchment, can be placed directly on the stone.


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