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Category ... Equipment

Baking with Convection

May 16, 2015 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment

Woody-putting_deep passion_in_oven.jpg

I have long understood that with convection baking the oven is usually needed to be set at a temperature about 25°F lower than for conventional baking. I assumed that when an accurate thermometer was used to measure this temperature that it would register the same temperature as conventional baking, but I was wrong.

Using two highly accurate thermocouples to check the temperature of four ovens, I found that although when setting the ovens 25°F below the temperature normally used with conventional baking it actually registered lower but it baked within the same time parameters.


With convection, heat is transferred more efficiently, so the effect is that of a higher heat than what is registered on a thermometer. The benefit of convection is more even heating.

Every oven is different so use the range of time given on a recipe, such as one of my cakes, to determine the best setting. This is the ultimate gauge and more reliable than any thermometer.

Note: Baking at a higher setting for less time, or for a lower setting for more time will have markedly different results in texture and shape of baked goods.

Rose's Perfect Pie Plate

Jul 31, 2007 | From the kitchen of Rose in Equipment

fellow blogger hector mentioned in a recent posting that he had ordered my perfect pie plate and it arrived without the decal. on further investigation i learned that the decal model is not being produced at the present time. but i am delighted to see that the current model is even more stunning and elegant without it.

it still functions as i had planned, with deeply fluted edges making it easy to create a fluted border simply by pressing the dough into the fluting. it also makes the standard size pie but the bottom crust needs to be rolled a little larger than usual as i like to have more crispy crust to eat.

should you want to order one, by the way, click here:

Rose's Perfect Pie Plate

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