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This month's recipe: Beer Braised Short Ribs

Although I have several versions and variations of flaky pie crusts in The Pie & Pastry Bible, this one is my favorite. Click on Portal to the Recipe of the Month page. 


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We have a good representation of baking recipes with the majority of them from Rose's cookbooks. 

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Our Gluten Free Recipe Index 

We are asked many times what we have for gluten free recipes. Although it is not a primary group in our repertoire of recipes, Rose has over 70 plus individual recipes covering most types of baking and desserts. We also recognize that many need to live a gluten free diet, for which we are grateful to the many authors who specialize in this area and live a gluten free life style.  We hope our offerings will add to your repertoire of recipes. Click on the portal below to our books listed in chronological order, with page numbers, recipe titles, and descriptions to being gluten free.