Rose's Writing and Engineering Style for Recipes

With The Cake Bible, I became the first cookbook writer to list the ingredients and their measurements in a chart form. Since weighing is the most accurate way to measure out your ingredients when practical, I have listed both the grams and ounces for most ingredients in addition to volume, but in my upcoming book Rose's Baking Basics, I list only grams and volume. Grams are more precise than ounces which are rounded off to the nearest 0.25 ounces which is 7 grams. 

Recipe of the Month page 

This month's recipe: My Favorite Flaky Pie Crust

Although I have several versions and variations of flaky pie crusts in The Pie & Pastry Bible, this one is my favorite. Click on Portal to the Recipe of the Month page. 


Finding a Recipe on Our Website

You can look for a recipe on our website by 3 ways.  First way: Using the Search Bar, type in a part of the recipe's title  ex: brownie  and click.  A list of posts with the word or phrase you inputted will be presented on its own page. Click on the one you wish to see, and the posting will come up on the Blog page. 

Second way: Using the Search Bar, type in the exact title of the recipe  ex: Barcelona Brownies and click. The Blog page will appear with the recipe's posting. 

Third way: Use the Blog Categories sidebar. Choose a category, ex: Brownies (7) and click. The Blog page will appear with all postings including brownies in sequential order. Each category will show the number of postings for it, ex: Brownies (7) has seven postings with Brownies.

We have a good representation of baking recipes with the majority of them from Rose's cookbooks. 

To print out recipes, you will need to cut and paste them into a word document.