Rose on Video presents: Caramel Sauce

Rose’s PBS television series Baking Magic Tips 15. Tips for making caramel sauce for drizzling on cakes and ice cream, and blending into ganaches and buttercreams. We like to it drizzle on slices of our marble cake with chocolate curls. An instant-read thermometer is a worth while baking tool for successful results. We use it to check the temperature of: baked cakes, pies, breads; butter, mousseline Italian meringue and whipped butter; frying oils; sauces; and grilled foods.

You can see a listing of all of Rose's over 150 transcribed videos on YouTube by doing a search for "Rose Levy Beranbaum You Tube" which will show a home page for Rose's videos. You can click  "Video " on the menu bar, then scroll to find the video you want to watch. Baking Magic aired in 2006. Along with the weekly recipe episodes, Rose had a tips segment. These tips are timeless.