Floss Your Cheesecake or Chocolate Oblivion



How can you slice a cheesecake or chocolate oblivion with a knife without it marring or pulling on the cheesecake, as well as possibly scratching your pan?
You can use a heated knife and wipe it off every cut, being extra careful not to scratch your pan.
Rose came up with a practical solution when she was writing The Cake Bible, using waxed, non-flavored dental floss. Her mother always had an ample supply for her dental practice. Here is the technique on our chocolate oblivion for contrast to the floss.

1. Mark the center of your cake.  
2. Cut a length of dental floss that is 6 inches longer than the diameter of your pan.
3. Wrap the ends of the floss on each of your index fingers.
4. Position the floss just above the cake to cut thru the center and pull it taunt.
5. Press down thru the cake and the crust, and at the same time with a sawing like action of moving the string back and forth
6. Release the floss from an index finger and lightly press down the floss against the pan’s bottom on both sides of the cake.
7. With the other hand, pull the floss away from the cake and pan.

Repeat with the rest of the servings.   

For making cheesecakes and the chocolate oblivion, we bake our them in a waterbath with the springform pan wrapped with two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil or slightly larger silicone pan. Wilton makes a great glass bottom which has no 'lip' raised edge. If we use a 'lipped' edge springform pan, we only use one that has a flat, smooth bottom, which we invert the bottom upside down when we clamp the sides to lock it in place.