Roll Up Your Pie Crust Butter Cubes


 For making a butter pie crust in your food processor, the butter needs to be frozen as small cubes to best incorporate with the other ingredients before you knead the dough to shape your pie crust discs for rolling. When I first made butter crust recipes from The Pie & Pastry Bible, I mistakenly wrapped each cube individually in plastic wrap. That took a long time, and a longer time getting them unwrapped.

 Our instructions from Rose’s Baking Basics state:
“Cut the butter into 1/2 inch cubes. Wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze for at least 30 minutes, until frozen solid.” 

Here is how we wrap multiple butter cubes, whether for pie crusts or other recipes.
1) Weigh (or measure) and cut the cold butter into cubes to the specified stated size

2) Place a sheet of plastic wrap long enough to allow for around 1-1/2 inch space rows of 1/2 inch spaced apart butter cubes

3) Arrange the cubes in rows

4) Place another longer sheet of plastic wrap over the butter cubes extended slightly past each end of the bottom plastic wrap

5) Press the plastic wrap down to lightly encase each row of butter cubes

6) Roll up the plastic wrap and butter cube rows to make a loosely wrapped roll

7) Fold the ends of the roll to encase the butter cubes. If not planning to use within a few days, place the roll in a zipseal bag.

8) Place the roll in the freezer until ready to use

9 ) When ready to use, unravel the roll on the countertop and remove the top layer of plastic wrap

10) Use the bottom layer of plastic wrap to empty the butter cubes into the food processor