Did We Write or Miss That? We Have Corrections


Last week we received this comment on our Book Corrections postings from one of our frequent bloggers.

Hi Rose/Woody,
Page 325 in the Rose's Heavenly Cakes, the grams for the sugar and the cake flour for the "Mini Vanilla Bean Pound Cakes" should be 150 grams for both, and not ounces.
David Chau

As you can see from the photo I took of the chart, David was right. We missed seeing this error when we read through the last laid out pages version of the book before it was sent to the publisher’s printing house. I immediately went to our Book Corrections & Enhancements: Rose’s Heavenly Cakes post to add the correction as shown below.

p. 325 The Mini Vanilla Bean Pound Cakes sugar and cake flour weights should be 150 grams for both, and not noted as ounces. The ounce’s column listings are correct.

 One advantage you have with Rose’s books is that we do have book correction posting pages for each of her books. These pages are updated any time we see an error or receive a note about an error, as David had sent. We also add enhancements and adaptations to recipes as well. Corrections are also sent to the publisher for correcting future printing runs of a book.  



No matter how good the author, editor, copy editor, and proofing editors are with their magnifying glasses scouring to find errors, errors happen. Sometimes generated at the printing house. We had an error with Rose’s Baking Basics where 2/3 cup was inputted for printing to be stated as 1/3 cup. The correction is listed.


We have looked at many cookbook authors’ web/blog sites and have not seen any book correction postings for their books. Many authors provide a Contact Us and sometimes an Ask Me section for contacting them, but not a readily available listing.



 We encourage you to go to our correction pages. Which you can access on Our Blog page’s right sidebar, or clicking on the Book Corrections link button towards the bottom on Rose’s Books page. Corrections can be copied as a Microsoft Word document. You can then print them to include with your books.

Please let us know if you see any errors in your books, but please do so after you have checked your book’s correction pages.